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Lying ass Libras!

A new chapter. ♥

I finally got out how I’ve been feeling since July 27, 2013.. The day my life changed.. To hear how you thought I was immature about the situation, because I moved on.. To hear you say that you being the father ruined his and my plans, to hear you say when it all began.. you didn’t want to talk to me and you just KNEW that I didn’t care.. all these blows, but I didn’t care. It was all about getting out how I felt, since day 1. Coming to an understanding was not part of the plan, it was a bonus. I’m just happy I got it all out. It’s like a weight was lifted off my chest. Now what you do with your life, is totally up to you. I closed the chapter of my life called 2013. Now I’m on the next chapter called 2014, page 1, line 1.. the author… ME.

MY Son. ♥

I don’t even know where to start. I’ve retyped and deleted this sentence I don’t know how many times… I guess I’ll start by saying I just wanted the truth.. I hope that’s not asking for too much? I’m carrying my son right under my heart but I feel as though he is my heart.. And I want what’s best for him, starting with honesty. If you felt like he isn’t your son, that’s all you have to say. Voice how you feel, be a man. Because whether you believe he’s yours, or whether your in his life or not.. he still has me, his MOTHER. Like my dad always told me, “Momma’s baby, Daddies maybe.” Like I said, I just want what’s best for him.. starting with honesty. Do you think this is your son or not? POINT, BLANK, PERIOD.